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    Therm-Tech was founded in 1998 by eng. Valter Blardone with the purpose to plant technological industrial and civil plants. The experience in the industrial branch, acquired since 1985, and its own know-out, has made Therm-Tech a company that can offer an excellent service. Therm-Tech is synonymous with control of operation costs, keeping of lead times and keeping of budgeted expenditures. Therm-Tech, now, boasts the technical and installation consulting to multinational companies that are leaders in aggregate of abrasives and refractory materials such as Imerys, Saint Gobain, namely: Treibacher Schleifmittel (Italy, Germany, Venezuela, China, Austria), UCM Magnesia (Virginia, England) , C.E. Minerals (Georgia, Virginia, Venezuela, Brazil), Damrec (France, Peru), Samrec (South Africa), CALDERYS (China, Holland, Germany), GSM (China) and to national companies which are leaders in the aggregate sector such as Amman, Bormioli glassworks and foundries such as Ilva. Therm-Tech's professional competence is characterized in the planning and construction of plants targeted to the needs of the customer through detailed and depth analysis of the fusion machineries, thermal treatment and processing of the product


      - Water plug design
    - Sprinkler system design
    - Tanks and pressure booster's group design
    - Fire extinguisher disposal design

    - Compartmenting and separation structure control
    - Hydraulic flow control

    - Fire load assessment

    Energy Performance Certificate , expected in European Directive 2002/91/CE, adopted in Italy with legislative decree 192/05 and subsequent modifications and supplements, is the document certifying the results of energy performance of a building calculated according to a methodology common for all the European States.

    In the Certificate are indicated energy performances of a building, energy class, depending on the energy performance index for winter conditioning or heating and depending on thermal performance index for summer conditioning or cooling, as well as other further improvements on building's energy performance.
    Therm-Tech Technological Engineering, with Blardone Valter and Erika Mammucci offers its own qualification and competence in energy savings throughout the national territory and more specific for Piemonte and Lombardia.


    Therm-Tech wanted to set up a special team of experts: competent in clean energy production, both from a technical and managerial point of view that can gives assistance throughout all the realization process, until tests. The purpose is to offer a very professional service in design, an expert advice on renewable energy and also contribute concretely to the development of this sector in Italy, seizing the opportunities gave by regional, national and European incentives.

    - Expert advice in energy savings
    - Photovoltaic system design
    - Combined heat and power system design
    - Biomass system design
    - Hydroelectric system project
    - Wind Power plant design



    Technological plants design and management are a strategic aspect of our business, started since 1998.

    With "TECHNOLOGICAL PLANTS" , Therm-Tech replaced the name of heating systems, conditioning, water and sanitary, air replacement, electrical  and gas. This is a consequence of the changes made in plants, by progess, by technical standards, by electronics.

    Therm-Tech Technological Engineering, as well as working in project  and collaboration with manufacturers, is employed in plants design in civil and industrial sectors, only if aimed at energy savings and home comfort. This is a choice of professional ethics that rewards us in competence and resulting customer satisfaction.



    Therm-Tech is able to give the right answers for all the needs concerning design, offering all the experience gained over the years, in order to ensure an effective and concrete partnership in STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS problem solving, considering that today is much harder for the evolving new rules and legislative regulation.
    Working-out for reinforced concrete, steel or wood frameworks, for their structural verification, in every cross section, design or shape and dimension.
    In Industrial we have twenty-years experience, not only in framework but also in tanks, silos, elevators and machineries.
    Therm-Tech normally works in designs in foreign countries; experience in technical legislation in Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, China, Bahrain and Canada.

    Large projects realized, like entire factories and/or plants for multinational company Imerys in China, Bahrain, Georgia US, South Africa and Germany. The active partnership with structural engineer Mauro Mezzetti and his staff, allowed Therm-Tech to face and solve every project calculation in different environments, from savannah to Northern Arctic, as from deserts sands to Canadian rocks.
    Essential is the use of appropriate software like Mode St of Tecnisoft, Sap2000 of CSI, Prosap of 2si.


    Therm-Tech experience and know-how, gained over the years, are employed in different kind of plant: in abrasive , refractory, aggregate, iron and steel , chemical, water treatment, waste-to- energy…more generally plants with an high tech content aimed to the energy saving. The constant search oriented in industrial problem solving allow to offer a specific competence in the above mentioned sectors.
    Dynamism and qualified human resources permit to follow with competence every project offering:

    - Analysis and feasibility studies
    -Design and supervision
    -Testing and assistance

    In particular, Therm-Tech works out ad hoc projects for materials treatment, from raw material to semifinished product.
    On its name, arc furnace; rotary, tilting and static, electric or combustion furnaces and kilns for thermic treatment; air-dreirs , combusting and vibrating driers; crushing, grinding, screening washing and grading plants;
    palletization; belt, vibrating, pneumatiyc in dilute and dense phase, resonance conveyor; accessory plants like vacuum system, automation, management and control.


    Machinerys design is a Therm-Tech specialization, born from the need to provide a plant complete and optimized for the customers demand. Therm-Tech Technological Engineering has its own know-out that applied to the various machinery designed, awards to the same the right component mechanical, electric, electronic and fluid, synonymous of versatility and functionality. Therm-tech doesnt have a standard machinery list because each one is projected for its particular purpose.

    Therm-tech doesnt simply sell machineries but designs and fulfills them on specific customer request. Designed machineries are realized and set up from associate Therm-Tech Srl. Machinery design isnt sold to the customer; this particular professional ethics has always rewarded Therm-Tech Technological Engineering for its accuracy and rigor with positive confirmation from assisted customer.

    Project always included technique analysis to obtain energy saving, maximum efficiency, expense reduction and economic return.


  • Automation

    Therm-Tech Technological Engineering designs and realizes switchboard with PLC Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, Vipa and minor, developing software capable of giving the greatest variety of solutions to our customers: control, regulation, operation, monitoring, data capture and plants supervision.
    Knowledge in plants process flow bestow Therm-Tech with ease of setting in the series and necessary formulas necessary to achieve complete system management and control .
    Control from PC, Touch Screen or from remote are normal arrangement in designed plants. Possibility of remote assistance directly from headquarters Therm-Tech.


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