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Processing Plants

“You'll never achieve real success unless you love what you're doing”

Therm-Tech experience and know-how, gained over the years, are employed in different kind of plant: in abrasive, refractory, aggregate, iron and steel , chemical, water treatment, waste-to-energy more generally plants with an high tech content aimed to the energy saving. The constant search oriented in industrial problem solving allow to offer a specific competence in the above mentioned sectors.
Dynamism and qualified human resources permit to follow with competence every project offering:

  • Analysis and feasibility studies
  • Design and supervision
  • Testing and assistance

In particular, Therm-Tech works out ad hoc projects for materials treatment, from raw material to semifinished product.
On its name, arc furnace; rotary, tilting and static, electric or combustion furnaces and kilns for thermic treatment; air-dreirs, combusting and vibrating driers; crushing, grinding, screening washing and grading plants;
palletization; belt, vibrating, pneumatiyc in dilute and dense phase, resonance conveyor; accessory plants like vacuum system, automation, management and control.