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Therm-Tech Group Ltd

Therm-Tech Industrial Construction

“You'll never achieve real success unless you love what you're doing”

Therm-Tech Industrial Sintering
Managing Director

Eng. Valter Blardone

Therm-Tech was established in 1998 by Eng. Valter Blardone with a vision to design and build processing equipment for the industrial sector using latest technology. Extensive field experience has been acquired since 1985 that has contributed to Therm-Tech being a world leading specialist and service excellence.
Therm-Tech’s name is now synonymous in terms of improving efficiency, controlling operational costs, lead times within budget constraints.

Technical design and installation consultant to international organisations such as Imerys, Saint Gobain, Treibacher Schleifmittel, Aluminium Bah, Calderys, CE Minerals, Duferco, Damrec, Samrec, UCM, Mittal Arcelor, SEPR, Armacell, Fiat Chrysler, Marpol, Maithan, etc..

Therm-Tech builds customer confidence and synergy by in depth analysis of requirements, applying professional competence during the planning and build stages of equipment such as fusion, thermal treatment and product processing.


Therm-Tech is capable of arranging and solving any kind of problem born from the newest legislative decree.

Therm-Tech is capable of organizing, projecting and building processing plants for abrasive and refractory needs.

As one of the top abilities Therm-Tech has, you can expect years of experience in building industrial machines.

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