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Cooler and Kiln

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Rotary coolers are an integral part of a thermal process, cooling material as it exits a rotary kiln or rotary dryer, to a manageable temperature for the next step in the process. There are two main types of rotary coolers: a convective rotary cooler, and an indirect water rotary cooler.


A convective rotary cooler works like a rotary dryer without heat; Flights lift the material up, and drop it through a stream of ambient, or chilled air. Typically, a convective rotary cooler is counter-current, meaning the material flows in the opposite direction of the air stream. This is a more efficient design from a thermodynamics and heat transfer standpoint than co-current flow (material flows in the same direction as air).


Water deluge rotary coolers, similar to an indirect fired rotary kiln, a rotary drum is enclosed in a stationary housing. Within this stationary housing, a trough below the rotating drum bathes the rotary drum in cool water or many water jet around the drum.


Countercurrent rotary water coolers, with some chambers inside the rotating drum for cold water and hot product. The water flows in its ducts in contact with the sides of the steel walls where the product is also in contact on the opposite side. This is necessary to transfer the energy from the warm side to the cold side.


Alumina, aluminum hydroxide, bauxite, coal slime, pet-coke, lignite, coke powder, oil sand, gypsum, quartz sand, chrome ore, cement clinker, lime, dolomite, copper powder, iron powder, nickel powder, lead powder, Caolin, Clay, Mullite, Kaolin Clay.



Diameter: 0.8m up to 3.5m

Length: 6m up to 40m

Capacity: 0.5Tph up to 50Tph


Rotary coolers are a valuable part of the process during thermal processing of materials. THERM-TECH can custom design a high quality rotary cooler to meet your needs.